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We're Mark Brown and June Lingwood-Brown. We have always been interested in antiques, but it wasn't until recently (1995) that we started buying and selling as a "hobby" business. June came up with the idea of calling it Why Not Antiques in response to questions of "Why Antiques...?" We both had full-time jobs at that time, living and working in northern Italy for the U.S. government. Since then, we've relocated to Middletown, Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and our hobby has become a real business. Our store, Why Not Antiques is open Wednesday through Sunday and specializes in Nippon/Noritake porcelain and Victoriana.

Why Not Antiques catalog of antiques and collectibles is divided into six basic chapters:  Porcelain, Pottery, Ephemera, Glass/Crystal, Artwork, and Miscellaneous.  You may either page through the individual chapters until you find that one object that silently screams, "take me home!", or narrow your shopping to a specific item by using the "key word" search in the upper right corner of the home page.

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NOTE:  This site has just gone on line (17 January 2011) and we are in the process of creating and uploading nearly 2500 separate listings.  As this is expected to take some time, please continue to come back and visit us over the next few months to see a more updated catalogue of antiques.
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Mark Brown & June Lingwood-Brown